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Pike Dude:
Most people are probably already aware of the new bait regs but I just found out today. Should be an interesting year. Whats everybody think?

Bait dealers will be few and far between this year.  I mostly fish New York, where they implemented some of these regulations last year, Vermont's are a bit tougher.  Looks like its time to put away the tip ups and break out the jigging rods.

Fish Farmer:
Well, I've told a couple people, but this is why some enterprising folks should have been converting their farm ponds into bait ponds, getting disease free certifcation and sell bait in the winter. But it is probably too late now...

ice rambler:
Pleas explain.

Little Brown Dog:

It's all here.

Champlain was iced over at Benson yesterday.  :tipup:


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