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Thinking of heading to Cascade

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Our trip to Milwaukee Harbor looks like it's not going to happen as there is no ice so we are thinking of heading to Cascade instead. From what we have heard the north end is the best. Any tips would be appreciated. Looks like driving out the 2-3rd and probably fishing for 4-5 days. Also, a guide for a couple days would be good too as never been there. Who would you recommend.

Get in touch with new owner of Tackle Tom's in Cascade, not sure if the ph. # is the same, the old is 208-382-4367. There is a guide named Bill I think, Tackle Toms should  be able to help you out with that info.

Couple of sources for you.
Idaho Outfitters and Guides   208 327 7380
Idaho Fish and Game McCall Subregion 208 634 8137
Good luck.

Didn't find any info on the outfitter site. From what I'm told there is only 1 guide on the lake. Bill is the name I have heard and that he only guides on the weekend as he is school teacher. We will be there from 2nd or 3rd to the 7th. Anyone going to be out then and want to hook up and fish? We will have snowmobiles to get where we need to be. We also are getting an AirBB on or near the lake. Thanks

I think this is the Guides #  208-870-5963


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