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Hey all,

Planning on making a trip to cascade this coming season. Looking for some info on where to stay that would allow me to ride my sleds onto the lake. Also looking for any starting info any one is willing to give to help me disect the lake without wasting a bunch of time. If anyone is willing to share some info I'd greatly appreciate it. [email protected]

Only been up there once season before last and used vrbo which was just an in between for grand welcome. Only going thru them this coming season and definitely saving some $$. They have houses you can ride to the lake from on sleds. Look at both sites for houses as they each have ones that aren't on each other's sites, that might better suit your needs. Our group usually is atleast 10 strong so splitting the bigger places works out good.


Not the cheapest but close to Poison Creek.

As far as where to start, I have watched MANY utubes where they fish near Sugarloaf island on the North/ West side. 10-30 ft .Thats where I would start-

 :thumbsup: the northeast side is not too bad either


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