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Moore Reservoir walleye??

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--- Quote from: dickbaker on Feb 24, 2017, 07:42 AM --- ???  My experience in Canada indicates that pike love to eat walleye?   Moore reservoir pike eat primarily yellow perch and there are a kazillion of them?

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I've found bullheads stuck by the spines in pike bellies before, so I think pike will eat pretty much anything that moves past them when they're in the mood. They definitely do eat a lot of perch.

So, I got no dog in this fight. But I did spit my coffee on the computer screen when I read there will be no stocking of walleye in the Moore reservoir cuz... Bernie Sanders. That was pretty funny. It sounds like this area is a great fishery though- so kudos to y'all.  I have never fished that body of water... I've caught a number of walleye in my time in Carmi and Champlain (they are 8 miles and 22 miles away). They are fun, taste great and a challenge. But catching pike, trout, bass, and many other fish on my fly gear and spinning gear are much more exciting... But I can't really blame your all's very passionate interest in increasing fishing opportunities for any species although I have very good faith in our biologists and their amazing work they have done to attempt to increase fishing opportunities of all type...

ok im sick of trout unlimited and nhs anti walleye ways I'm trying to make change and I can see alota like minded individuals here so if you look up nh panfishing on fb I have a petition to start walleye stockings and every signature helps once I get enough I'm gonna go out start testing ph and everything compile alots data and with the signatures go to the state biologists and fight for walleye stockings


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