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Proper gas for small engines!

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I had issues with my jiffy gas auger from day one. And someone told me to use tru fuel and what a difference it's in a quart can at Home depot  ($6). I have a landscaping business and I use the no spill gas cans with stabill.

X2 for the TruFuel or VP Small Engine Pre-mix.  This stuff lasts forever as I believe they both have stabilizers in it.

For those who run tons of fuel, non-ethanol and stabil then mix with Amsoil Saber before you add it to the machine.  Stabil your fuel right away, never know if a can sits for a week or a few months.


I've been picking up this stuff this year once I finally got my auger going after being accidently stored with ethanol junk in it (last time out wasn't intended to be last time out and never got summarized) and it has worked great for me.

Just switched to VP premixed 94 octane in my jiffy legend yesterday. It awakened that auger instantly. Idle is much smoother and no longer dies in between holes. I never even had to choke it when starting. I will never go back to mixing regular gas again.


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