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Yard sale find


Alex Delarge:

Whenever I see a jiffy with 3 hp tecumseh at a yard sale I gotta check it out. Iím not gonna pay $200+ for them but if theyíre in decent shape Iíll offer $100. This one was barely used the guy broke the recoil spring bought another recoil then he broke the housing on the new recoil. I was able to place the new spring in the old recoil housing, boom model 34 stealth stx. He was asking $100 I offered him $75 and he took it. 10Ē blades sell for $85 alone

Nice! the jiffy years with tecumseh engines rocked.heavy but reliable.i still have my 1971 jiffy 1 armed bandit.

Alex Delarge:
Yeah I have a pair of 1-armed bandits. I find these 3 hp tecumsehs run like a raped ape on amsoil Sabre pro 100:1. Canít imagine running on Dino at 24:1


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