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Ice auger mounts for ice shack


I am looking for idea on how to mount my electric auger to my ice shack when I pull it out by hand. I have a fish trap pro. I thought about making some bracket off the back of the seat. Looking for photos of people's ideas.

Thanks in advance.

I do not have a picture but I mounted 3 of these
I mounted them to the two aluminum bars that the seat mounts too.  I had my cover modified so there was a hole where these stuck threw.   2 on one end to hold the head of the auger 1 on the other to hold bit.  If I find a picture I will upload it.

hardwater diehard:
My set up is on a Clam Plate long as I am pulling by hand I just let most of the auger flight stick out the back long as the terrain isnt horrible where can it go . If dragging in deeper snow a Smitty Sled is the way to go ...make it a little wider to accommodate the auger on one side. I also tote a Jet Sled at times ..I place lighter items in it as well as my auger . I like my flip over empty when fishing/hole hopping the jet sled is a mini base camp . I made a bunch of chain extensions which work just fine for several seasons now...add some eyebolts.


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