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Octane drill cuts out with K Drill

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If a serialized piece of equipment with LSA status is ever replaced, the customer has 90 days to call 1‒866‒539‒1710 and re-register that piece of equipment. Proof of replacement required. Pieces of eligible equipment that are not re-registered within 90 days of replacement are not covered by the Lifetime Service Agreement.

My experience with K-Drill: 7.5" driven my a MKE Mud Mixer. Lotsa power and torque available. Early on I had some issues with the MM cutting out. It would restart instantly though I never noticed it smelled or felt hot.

What I discovered: The K cuts very aggressively. It's easy to lean on it a bit to get it to take even more ice per revolution. Thing I found was the MM couldn't handle the load. If I didn't lean on the drill at all and just let the weight of the combo do the work it was fine. Took longer but it never cut out. It is hard to do but as long as you don't try to force the drilling at all my combo was just fine.

Not sure if this might have been you're problem but handing it off to folks unfamiliar with the operation it might be.

Thanks Sox - I think you are correct about leaning into it.  I have it for two years without sharpening the blades, but I think Iíll send them out this time.


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