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Octane drill cuts out with K Drill

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I ran across a problem this weekend with the Octane drill cutting out on overload.  I know that some guys had a problem in 2019 but haven't found much info after that.

I have the Octane brushless with 9Ah battery + 8" K Drill combo for two years, with zero issues.  On Friday, I drilled about 40 holes in 12" of ice, non-stop.  No problem, and had 1 battery bar left.  On Saturday, I drilled 5 holes, and passed the auger off for other guys to use.  I know that one or two guys had never used it before. When the last guy was using it, the drill cut out a few times.  I had never seen it happen.  There was a bit of a smell from the drill, like overheated wires.  I was able to restart the drill after removing the battery and waiting a bit.  Then it would cut out and I had to repeat.  Once I let it sit for awhile, it seemed to recover, but then it cut out again, so I quit using it.

Now I am worried.  I don't know if it was caused by user error, or something is wrong with the Octane, or the battery, or a combination.  Are people still experiencing this cutting out problem?  Did warranty replacement work?  Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks - Miles

Suggest installing their app and use it. More so when your wondering what's going on with the tool and battery.

If you burnt it out, I suggest using ridgids service center locator and find a small local independent shop. Call them first. They'll have you fixed up for free.

Sounds like you pushed it too hard by resetting it and forcing it to keep working. It was shutting down to save itself.

A person on this site did a test on how many holes you can drill with your setup.
That auger uses more battery than other auger bits do because of the chipper blades and not clearing the shaving well.

You should keep the battery charged daily when you know you'll be using it soon. 1 bar means nearly depleted and less amps for the high demand your putting on it. May have caused a brownout, but that's another reason they shut off when they do.
I try not to run my batteries that low, but I have plenty of them. I have three 9amp ridgid batteries and plenty of 4amps and some 2amps.

Thanks 3300. I always charge it up the night before fishing. I agree that it was overused, just not sure exactly what caused it. Iíll see what happens next time out and hope itís nothing permanent.

I didnít realize what the app could do for me, so I will check it out.

Time to use that Lifetime warranty and have it fixed.

Update on my Octane Drill / 9 Ah Battery

I called Ridgid and explained the problem.  There are two phone numbers - one for batteries and one for tools.  The guy I spoke to about the battery said the problem may be the battery and the drill, so he transferred me.  That woman directed me to contact a service center.  (I found out later that the battery guy should have just replaced the battery outright).

The closest service center was the tool rental department at a local Home Depot.  I went there and wasn't impressed.  At first, they said nothing was wrong with the battery or drill.  Then he agreed to look again and said in fact the battery was bad, but the drill was OK.  They don't replace drills or batteries at HD, so I went out to the car and called Ridgid again. 

The woman I spoke with said they were having issues with the bluetooth technology, and that could have created the problem.  They haven't heard of my exact problem.  She also said they may be discounting support of the bluetooth and it could go away.  I know I don't really need it.  I had a new battery at my house in 3 days.  I did not connect it to bluetooth this time.

Yesterday I drilled 10 holes in 16" of ice + some snow.  It worked great and used up one bar on the battery. FYI when Ridgid replaces a battery, they give you the remainder of the original warranty, not a new 3-year warranty.  So, I have a new battery with another year left.


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