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Bought the new 24v Lithium StrikeMaster the other day

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Did they adjust the number of holes they advertise on a single battery? I have the 6" and I could have sworn when I bought it before last season, they advertised 100 holes through 16" of ice. I see now they claim 65.

I love the auger, never ran out a battery but tried last weekend to run it down some, mostly to see if my blades were getting dull and affecting battery life. I drilled 30 holes and had one bar left on the battery, but we were over 16" of ice in most spots I drilled. So that might be in line with the 65 claim, but nowhere close to the 100 they claimed when I bought it.

I'd be thrilled if the 8" got even 40 holes in 16" of ice and didn't shut down 3-4 times per hole.  I imagine that my blades aren't the sharpest at this point, but jeez it shouldn't be like this.

Mine has never shutdown mid hole unless battery was dead. Seems they've let a lot of lemons through, glad I got a good one

Van Noord:
Mine will cut out and beep when my blade gets momentarily jammed due to them needing a sharpening.

I've also found the safety trigger to be very sensitive. If it isn't COMPLETELY depressed, it shuts down. So the slightest release of pressure from your fingers whe drilling a hole will unnecessarily cause that.


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