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what is the best drill for a auger?

I run an Rigid 18V hammer drill for mine for the last 2 years and its been amazing. I bought 2 4amp batteries as well to get a little more power for longer.

  I agree with steinea   Can't say anything about other brands as I only buy Rigid tools.  They have a life time warranty and stand behind it 100%.  I have the same drill as steina which I found on a good sale at Home Depot. I put it on a strike master 6" lite flight  auger    Last year I counted 42 holes thru 7" before it started to slow down   at that point I changed the battery
    Go with the Rigid    Good luck



It's the strongest pistol grip drill on the market.

It has the best warranty on the market. 5 year warranty if you don't register the tool. Lifetime warranty if you do register the tool.

You won't have to pay to replace worn out batteries either, if the battery comes in a kit. Batteries as a bonus tool or sold alone do not qualify for lsa and it will be only 3 year warranty.

If the drill or any other Ridgud tool needs to be replaced and they quit making that version, they will give you the next version for free and you register that tool and it keeps the lsa. Same with batteries.
Just register with in 90 days to get their lsa.


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