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4.5 Inch auger for perch?

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Sorry to bother you fine folks here, just wanted to see if anyone could help me decide on an ice auger size. I'm only going to be fishing perch. Has anyone had issues pulling perch through a 4.5 inch hole? How bad is hole freeze up? It'll probably be close to -20C some days that I'm out. Should I just go for a 6" so I don't have to worry? I'd like to be quite mobile when I fish so a smaller auger would be great if I can get away with it. Thanks, any input is appreciated.

First, with temps that cold, any size hole will freeze eventually. I actually use a 4" so your 4.5" would be fine.

I would go 6".

 just because your fishing perch doesnt mean you wont catch something bigger.  can you imagine having a nice pike looking up at you under a 4" hole. lol not even a gaff could help you.  a good cordless drill and a 6" auger is a run and gun perch dream package. 

and welcome first poster

 FOM333 welcome to Ice Shanty. I'm in agreement with Iceassin if you catch a larger fish might not get it through a 4.5 inch hole. In the temperatures you fish in holes will ice over quickly a 6 inch auger gives you a little more time before you have to clear the hole. Also please don't worry about bothering anyone on this website site I've found the majority of members are happy to help other ice fisherman.

Have a good Holiday and ice fishing season.

If the lake being fished is predominantly all perch a 4 auger rocks.easy to hand crank and good for punching alot of hole without fatigue.


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