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jiffy auger update


Just like to let you folks know, a few weeks ago, i was having problems with my jiffy 8" not cutting, unless a lot of weight was applied.

i followed the jiffy website directions, and they didnt help, so i went about things myself.  i ended up shimming the blade, so that it was at a steeper angle, and that did the trick.

the thing cuts like a hot knife through butter.

let my buddy know..he had the same problem with his 10", and it worked for him too.

good tip thre bigred i'll keep that one in mind if that happens to me i just bought a new 9inch jiffy the other day it works excellent now but if i have the problem you did i'll try you idea :'( :'( :'( :'(

Lance, Thanks for the advice.  I'm still waiting for my Jiffy to d to send this other one back!!


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