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Strikemasters 3 Hp Lazer 8" Augur Comments

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I recently purchased this auger because my 10" Jiffy auger rope broke and it never started correctly and other times it wouldn't start at all.  I then found out that they were probably going to recall that auger.  Anyway I have this new auger and I've used it only two days and I'm very impressed.  It turns much slower than the jiffy but it cuts twice as fast.  It also starts right away.  I really like it.  Any other opinions are appreciated.

Burn premium gas in it.  It makes a world of difference in the performance and the difference in cost is negligible considering the amount a guy uses not only in his auger, but in the weedeater and power saw.

Great! :D  I just bought some oil that strikemaster sells and I will use premium gas.  Thanks for the tip! ;)

Anyone else?

I have a old one the 49cc one and it is still running strong they are great.  I will be putting a lazer auger under it though.  I all ways try and run premium gass also the 2 cycle motor will preform better on that type of gass.

Red :D ;)


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