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some k-marts in our area (nh) that are going out of business are selling them brand new for around 100 buck......these are new strikemaster 2000.  might not hurt to make a few calls in your area!

Im on the same boat as you Genz Man, Im looking for a gas auger. Im getting a good tax return this year, and want to buy a Vexilar FL18 & Gas auger, but been having a hard time finding them now. Gander Moutain did have a Strikemaster gas auger for $219, but they dont have any more gas augers in stock (sold out!),same deal with the Vexilar. I figured this may be a good time of year to buy one, as many places are clearing ice gear out now. Id say for fishing our area, we wouldnt need anything too high powered. Last year we only got 8 inches of ice, this year it was 2 feet worth, it does make your arm tired doing it by hand, especially if you drill many holes. Good investment (gas auger)if you ask me.

Ok, I have a gas auger. I like mine but it is noisy. It does not scare the fish. I have caught many fish scant seconds after drilling a hole. I have the Mag2000. $219 is not a sale on these. Thats regular price. They start good and cut well. They are not as fast as a 3 hp jiffy but they cost a ton less. I watched a guy cut no less than 100 holes with a jiffy yesterday and that thing cut much faster than mine. Ever watch a guy cut 100 holes? Don`t. But the time difference is not that big measured against cutting them by hand. If you look youll find a sale but just buy a Mag2000 and itll work for ya. You wont find many in the classifieds during july so buy one now or wait till Nov. Good Luck.

Genz Man, I have a 3 HP Jiffy Legend with D-Ice'r ARMOR and the new Serrated Ripper Blade which I purchased from Reedssports in Feb, for $299.99.  It cuts really well and the D-Ice'r ARMOR prevents ice build-up on the blade.  I too, was undecided as to whether to buy a strikemaster or jiffy as well as 2 HP vs 3 HP.  My final decision was based on price, researching the pro's and con's of both, and most importantly talking with people on the ice.  If you get a chance try both as I tried the strikemaster Mag as well as the JIffy and it cut great (making my decision that much more difficult).  If you are going to be moving alot when on the ice, the 2 HP is significantly lighter and will do the job, making it a more feasible option.  If you don't move around much, I would go with the 3 HP (either Jiffy or Strikemaster) and you will not be sorry.  Hope this helped.  

My buddy just purchased a 2 HP Jiffy Lightning with the Stealth blade.  This is the first time I ever used a gas auger and boy was I missing out.  This thing cut like butter and even with the 2HP you only needed it at about 3/4 throttle.  I see no reason to have a 3HP.  We had 5 guys this past weekend and our set-up time was probably cut in half by having the gas auger.  


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