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I purchased a Lazer 3000 auger. It's the top of the line w/ a 3 h.p. moter. It weighs 36 lbs. It saved my back this year I'll tell ya that much. I looked around quite a bit and found this one at dicks sporting goods. I beleive it cost 378.00. The way I figure it , I'll have it for many yrs.  so it's well worth it.I like the 3hp. motor because it does'nt work as hard as the 2hp. which in-turn will help it last a longer life as I take care of all my hunting/fishing equip. . I think it was worth the extra money and beleive me it has made ice fishing much more enjoyeable.What-ever you get,just take good care of it.

In a good year, I doubt my auger will get 10 hrs of use. I fished 50some times this year and only plan on fishing more in the future. In light of that, any auger will last many years. Think if lawn mowers fell apart after only 200 Hrs. You would go nuts. I`m sure I have more than 300 on my Walmart cheapo mower.

Don't own one yet either but after this year I'm definetly looking into one. My 02cents would be dont buy it because its expensive. Look into parts replacement How long to get them how much they cost. Some things you buy to save a few bucks, cost you twice as much in parts replacement. As far as motors and the gear boxes clutches ect. Do your homework and do your maintenance. Dont just put them away after the season Look them over look for problems before they become a problem. Even as much as starting them a few times a year will help. Like Mr.Seaguar said lawn mowers can last 10 years so can a auger But it cann't work on itself it needs someone to take care of it.
Cold feet

Check out this website, this is where I just picked up my jiffy, and I love it so far, plus they have great customer service and free shipping, I bought the stealth legend lightning 2 hp and it rips threw the ice, plus it has the d icearmour which I don't see as a big deal but why not. It took only 4 days to arrive here in PA. I just wished I would have ordered it earlier, before you buy from somewhere else make sure it is still in stock, had a problem with reedessports, they showed it was in stock and a week later it never arrived finally called them and they gave me the run around for another week and I finally cancelled my order and found this company and they had great service. Just my 2 cents.


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