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I need info on roughly what it costs for a decent GAS auger. I have not really checked them out yet. Always went with the handheld. Now that the socket of my shoulder feels like it was crushed in a diamond press I would like to get one for next season ;) Who seams to sell the best models for the best prices ??? I know you gotta shop around but with all the decent guys that share information on this site it would help take out some of the guesswork. Any feedback is most welcome 8) :'(

genz man,

I have been asking that same question, as my shoulder is about spent!! Here's what I have been told by lots of folds:

At the end of ice fishing season, check out all the classified adds in the local newspapers of your area. In Maine, we have a weekly classified booklet that lists stuff for sale all over the state, from cars to toys to whatever.. The several guys I talked to said that right after ice out, you can usually buy a good second-hand auger for under $100.00. New, they are going from $275-$400. I have seen them on-line at Cabalas, Jiffy and other sites.

I talked to a local small engine repair shop, that works on lawn mowers and snowblowers and such, and he said that a 5-10 year old power auger will still run great, year after year, if you tune the thing and have the blades sharpened each year. He said he does about 100 a year. I intend to get a used one, and have it tuned and sharpened and save myself $100-$200 bucks (not to mention my shoulder)

This is all hear-say info, but it seemed like it sounded right to me... Hope it helps you.  :)

God Bless,
Scott from Maine.

A new one this time of year will run you between 250 and 350.
I missed a good deal at Gander mountain, they had their Strikemaster Mag 2000 for 219.99 and I couldn't find one left in the state of PA.  You will find that the 2 HP are alot cheaper and lighter and I see no need for a 3 HP. has some good deals on their power augers right now with free shipping.  Also check out, they also have free shipping.  Cabela's is over priced and their shipping will kill ya. You will also find that there are two types of auges. Ones with chipper blades and ones with blades like the lazers.  The chipper blades are cheaper and get the job done and will not dull as fast as the laxer blades.  Plus the lazer blades will cost you more to replace.  So there are many options to consider.  If it was up to me, I would buy a 2HP with a chipper blade, like the Jiffy DR lighting or the Strikemaster MAg 2000.  Just my 2 cents.

Hey Scott, I saw an auger and portable shack in uncle henry's this week. Also I saw the Strikemaster 2000 mentioned, I bought one a few years ago for $200 at wal-mart, I thought it looked a little cheesy compared to my old Eskimo, but I have used it a lot and love it, it is lightweight and cuts fine.

genz man, if you fish slabs like i do, and like to move around don'T even think about a gas auger :o PLEASE READ in NY forem:

March 10th  '' Hand augerss what's good''

genz i and many others tried one and WOW, its like you are cutting air, no lie :o

Picture can be seen on ''more from Conesus'' ON LAST PICTURE in right corner.

Any further questions can be directed to TONYB  NY forem :)

Glad to help

Wayne CO.  NY


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