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Catalpa Worms?


Many years ago a guy from Indiana brought some Catalpa worms with him to fish here in Minnesota.  Of course that was summer fishing, but he did quite well with them.  We don't have them here in Mn as far as I know.  So I was wondering if anyone east of the Mighty Miss. uses them for winter fishing?

I have Catawba Worms in the trees in my back yard. :)

Don't see why they wouldn't work in the winter.

Thanks for the link! I might have to order some for next spring ;) ;D

For bluegill, it is best to turn the catalpa worms wrong side out.  Clip the head off and push a farmers match against the tail and the worm will roll down the match turning inside out.  Cut into 1/2 inch lengths and put on the hook.  great soft water bait for pan fish and channels will follow them home too.



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