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Iceman Cometh:
Been out the past 2 days into evening-ice barely thick enough for my 240lbs.(2 and1/2, maybe 3 inches)-1st day caught a few bluegill in maquon, not any until dusk-had a scare with my stepson- we had drilled two holes to try to fish together in the hut-we had kept our distance from each other due to the ice thickness-when we tried to stand up and move the hut closer to his hole the ice broke into a nice(LOL) spiderweb right beneath us and we both actually felt it sag! Luckily we moved slow and didn't break through and he went back and retrieved the gear-had a safety line and picks, but when it happened I forgot about both and if he hadn't kept his head I might have sunk both of us jumping from the hut-even though I have more hardwater experience he saved us! Also went out this morning to a different lake and though it's bigger, it had more ice! Not much,still only 3". Problem was, I've fished this lake before and it's practically fished out, so I only got one bite and plus, I was fishing during midday. Going to the honey hole this morning to check the ice, but it's lost so much water the last 2 season's, last year ice fishing wasn't as good as it has been. I'll post another report when I get home! P.S. been using the marmooska jigs for the first time-I'm impressed both by the weight to hook size and the angle of the hooks- gonna try some of genz's new angled jigs today, too(can't remember their name,sorry)

Iceman Cometh:
see my report in the "any central Il. ice fishermen..." thread-and as aside not, didn't even get a bite on the marmooska's and the angled genz jig(wish I could remember what it's called!)-fish were very finicky today!

Hey Kim do you ever use the Genz pounder jig it is a horizontal presentation and it is a good jig. Orange/Glow was doing good yesterday. I was taking my little glow lite and charging them up and boy were the fish hammering it yesterday. Wasn't getting any bites till I started to charge the glow up. [size=8]GOOD FISHING TO YA!!!!  [/size]

Iceman Cometh:
yea blugill63, I've used the pounder or at least i think i have, i thought it was a vertical jig though that looks like a beetle/ant jig-and the only fish i caught sat. on the genz worm were after i "charged" them! hope you get out soon- i'm back to work tonight after beening off most of last week to fish-bummer!

Your right Kim sorry I meant the worm. Orange was the killer yesterday to we caught cats and bass crappies and gills was a great day would have been better if sun would have stayed away lol.


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