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Give it a couple days, but with what we have started and the brutal cold coming in, we are going to be in good shape.

Hopefully the strip pits will start to tighten up...soon!
 8) :'(
Take a Walk on the WILD Side...

Keep an eye on Mazonia & let us know.

Unfortunately, Mazonia is still one of the few areas that are under the idiot protection law....aka "Safe Ice Rule".
This cold snap might get it to legal thickness in a week or so.  ;)

hi what is legal ice for you guys ??<safe ice>


At Mazonia "safe ice" is considered 4". The idiot protection the Heartland is speaking of would be the Rangers on site. They can close the place at a moments notice if 1 of the many pits on site would have less than the required 4 inches. Last year I was planning to go to Maz. & the day before, "someone?" went in they say so the closed. I ended up traveling to Shabonna, about an extra 1-1/2 hour one way trip where we fished on 10 inches of ice. They can be a little squirley. Normally I don't care but when I take multiple friends or family out for a day I need a public place that is worth going to. My private access is limited to 1 guest.    


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