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3 poles in Illinois?


 Did I hear or read that we in Illinios can fish with 3 pole when ice fishing? All my years of ice fishing I never used one. So I went out and bought one.  Hopefully I'm to busy with 2 poles but If not whats the best way to use one of these tipups    toph2o

Illinois is 3 lines except for site specific. All state park lakes for instance are 2 lines. There are some other places that are 2 lines too I believe.

I wish we could use 4 or 5.  I would like to set up more tipups.   DaFish

All of the Cook County Forest Preserves only let you use two and they want your names on them.
I think the best way to use the extra line is setting up a thermal tipup with a spreader so you can have two large shinners down there. If one dies the other will keep the dead one moving.

thanks for the tipup tip. Looks or sounds like ice is getting close but not close enough for me. Maybe a good weekend for fishing show that are in town. Also I'm on call this weekend so I cant go to far from home . more cold weather is comming again next week just to thicken the ice :'(      toph2o


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