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Pike Dude:
Are suckers legal in Vermont this year, or is that out also?

andy VT:
yes you can use them

Yes , suckers are legal. The tricky part is getting your hands on some.  Read the FAQ on the F&W website, I don't think you can trap your own in a brook and then use them on Lake Champlain.

And Lake Champlain dealers can't import from other than Lake Champlain . 

I'm glad I like jigging for bluegills ;>).


We all might be jigging for the gills until this thing shakes out.  When and if.  It doesn't appear that new Hampshire is going through the same dilema.  Might have to migrate.  Anybody know about bait availability in southern VT.

Fish Farmer:
Suckers are legal to use in Champlain if obtained from a Lake Champlain Zone bait dealer.

If there is a source of commercially available disease free farm raised suckers that Inland Zone bait dealers could get there hand on, then yes, you can use those suckers for Inland waters.


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