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Snow on monday

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It is a reclaimed area but looks fantastic.  If you ever want to take a shot at it let me know.  If you would like to get on some of the lakes around central Illinois, drop me an email.


Pop, I have fished Mazonia b4 on Pondo through the ice. Not a bad spot but alot of water to fish. Found some crappie in 40' of water suspended 20' feet down. Bring your electronics & make sure you call the office b4 heading out. They may close on a moments notice. I never ice fished the north unit but on open water caught some nice fish. Pondo is in the south unit btw. Lots of homework to do at this place but can be a tremendous fishery.  

Thanks Danimal.  I have the basic maps and have contacted the Bureau of Mines and Reclamation, they have some detailed drawings and maps of some of the reclaimed lands that were covered by their regulations of the 60s and 70s.  I have heard it is wise to call ahead and make sure it is open.  I am finding this to be an interesting area.



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