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Snow on monday

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The weatherman is calling for 29f low on mon with 30f high and SNOW.   Lets hope he is right.

well he was right...but gunna be 40 tomorrow  :-\

the cold felt great, but lets just hope it stays

DaFish, Are you on CLF ice page once in a while?  Do you get to Mazonia?
I have fished central Illinois for 30 years and just learned about Mazonia,
and made a few trips there this fall.  I was looking for a bit of help for
the hard water season there.


Pop, I visit half a dozen sites daily including that one.  I have never fished Mazonia.  Isn't that an old strip mine? I fish mostly chicago harbors on lake Michigan, Northern Illinois, and sometimes Silver Springs.  I don't know any specific info on Mazonia.  I have been learning all I can on websites like this until we get some ice.                ......Dafish


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