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Where to fish around Chicago?

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How long a commute do you think it is from Lake County to Downtown Chicago? Does the train go that far? Or is it a driving commute? It looks like that would be a great area to live. Most like Minnesota though the drive to work would be quite a bit longer. In looking up many of the lakes, especially in Cook County, it seems they are mostly under 15ft max depth. Is the fishing good in those? Or is it chock full of weeds. How safe is it to eat the fish?

In the city the harbors of Lake Michigan are the place for perch. Outside the city, Lake county would be my first choice. I myself live south of the city but I have an ace in the hole when it comes to ice fishing. I belong to a private club down south in Braidwood. We used to drive to the Fox Chain of lakes which is very popular & crowded. You won't like the commute to work but most surburban areas have public transportation into the city. Are you going to work downtown?

It depends where at in Lake County you're looking for the commute to City.  In rush hour you're looking at a good hour plus and once the weather turns you're in for a longer commute.  If you're not traveling during rush hour you can make it in 45 minutes.  The train system does run into the city and that is what I would advise if you have to get into the city.  I dont' fish the lakes in Cook County, I have plenty to choose from out where I'm at, I'm not too sure but I also beleive most of the lakes in the CC area are forest perserve lakes and most forest perserve lakes around here are fished pritty hard.  I normally only keep fish in the winter time.  I beleive they taste better and I can catch enough to keep me happy through the summer.  You don't have anythign to worry about.

"It doesn't seem like Lake Michigan is really an option if you want to be safe. I'd hate to pack up from an evening of fishing and realize I'm on my way to Canada."

Don't worry about that as long as you stay in the harbors you are pretty safe.  I have seen the Ice two feet thick in the harbors.  The harbors are up to 35' deep and they have Perch, king salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout, coho salmon.  But the salmon and trout are kinda rare.


Congrats on the new job, as you can see, my name is headhunter and that is what I do.  These folks are correct about the harbors and about living up north.  Train coommute would be best if you chose that area.  I work in schaumburg and I have a co worker that lives in antioch (IL-WI border).  He says the train ride into the city is brutal. Close to an  hour and a half.  I live in crystal lake and the Lake is not so bad for ice fishing.  They have an association that I believe stocks the lake.

The train is very convenient in Crystal Lake as well.  If I catch an express train, I can be downtown in an hour.

Just giving you some options and again congrats on the new job.


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