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buying & storing maggots/waxworms in bulk

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anybody out there buy their bait in bulk for the upcoming ice fishing season? i've been comtemplating the idea, but am not sure what i should do. the last thing i want is 800 dead waxworms or maggots on my hands.

anyone have any tips on keeping bait alive all winter or what kind of conditions to keep them in? any info would definately be very helpful.

The only thing I know about wax worms is that you can
add dry oat meal they like that.By the way that is a good
question.I have one,How about... LEECHES....Has anyone
tried to keep these alive during the winter,And has anyone tried to use them for walleye icefishing.

Wax worms need to be kept in a temperature range of 50-55 degrees F. In most cases, the proper temperature can be found on the door of your refrigerator or in the butter dish area. The pine shavings in which they arrive will suffice for the time you will have them optimal the temperature keeps them in a hibernated state. Wax worms will remain dormant until you feed them to your pet. After warming to room temperature they will become more active. When kept at the proper temperature wax worms will last several weeks. Unhealthy or dead wax worms will turn completely black and should be immediately removed from the container.

hey Hard H2O I checked out those web sites. thanks for posting them. they contain a lot of info. I recommend all ice fisher persons check them out if you plan to buy waxies in quantity. it may help keep the little critters alive thru out the year. thanks again.

I also e-mailed Vado's and asked them. I will post the response I get from them. THey are a very good supplier of live bait.


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