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Snap Weights for Trolling

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I am looking to pick someone's brain regarding snap weights used for for trolling.
Looking to troll for Lakers / Salmon and we do not have down riggers.
Any thoughts / opinions or feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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I guess it depends on how far down you are trying to get. Early in the year I run 5 and 6 color lead core and flat lines for lakers and landlocks. Dipsies are another good option. I run them with fireline to get more depth.

Inline trolling sinkers is also another option

Snap weights work well.. you just have to figure out what depth you want to achieve..
Like other have said... dipsys and leadcore are also GREAT OPTIONS!!!
For me.. snap weights are 3rd on my preference list...
Tie game for me between dipsys and leadcore.. ALWAYS have 2 rods of lead out and 2 rods with dipsys...
Also...You're apt to get more posts and advice over on MFF rather than here


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