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NY Regulations changes, Need a legal scholar to interpret.

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With the NY trout opener right around the corner the DEC has published the reg. changes and you have to be a lawyer to understand the changes. I now understand in "Most" waters the new daily limits for trout are a total of 5 fish, any size, only 2 trout over 12" may be taken. I also see we are now allowed, "In some waters", to fish year around but catch and release during off seasons. There are also lots of other new regs for other fish species limits, seasons and sizes plus those new regs might only affect some lakes and streams.

I highly recommend that we all go and check the changes and be sure you understand how they affect your own lakes and areas. If checked by the EnCon officers the term, "I didn't know", usually results in a problem. Be sure to check the Special Regs in certain waters if you do fish different places so you won't be caught unaware of the rules.


 The book must be easier to read than last years especially the trout regs they had , 
 I found the changes pretty clear , I always go through the new book and mark what may concern me by pg on the cover ,

My license agent does not yet have the new books so all I have to go on is what I read at the DEC site. That is a good plan, marking the regs that affect your area and writing the page on the cover. I am usually pretty easy and within the laws because I mostly release all the fish I do catch. In early spring if I do catch a couple trout around 16" each I am good for a nice dinner for the wife and myself. I never keep the smaller ones and I never take fish to fill my freezer but I know others do. Where I am there are so many small differences in certain waters like "catch and release only above this bridge" and general regs below it.
Southern NY has the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and the Delaware and Neversink rivers and they all have many changes depending upon where you fish them. Many have different sections designated as Fly Fishing only but just up or down the road you can spin fish or use live bait.

hardwater diehard:

So are we able to ice fishing on the Rio Reservoir ???

To me the rules seem pretty clear. County/special regulations supersede the statewide regulations like they’ve always done.

Trout have creek limits based on stream classifications. Catch and release is allowed during the off season. That was implemented last year, April 2021.

Trout fishing in lakes/ponds is permitted all year long unless the county/special regulations say otherwise.

Basically any trout fishing in the Adirondack ponds (or herkimer, Hamilton, Essex counties etc).  is off limits when the ponds are iced over.

The updated online regulation book has been available for a week or two.. Best bet is to download it to your phone so it’s always available or to wait until the books are in store


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