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Hey all, Looking for some recommendations on a Charter out of Murrells Inlet in Myrtle Beach, SC end of April. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  thanks

I went there a few yrs back and just went to the main office. Told them what I was interested in and they set me up fine. They paired me up with a couple other guys there for the same purpose and everyone was happy. Sorry I can't recall the name of the boat.  Have fun and don't get sun burned


...been there a few times...and like "62" cannot remember name of boat, captain or outfit.  But it's a great area with great eateries nearby.

Just go to office and tell them you want a "make up" charter, and they will pair you with others that are there for the same reason.  An effective way to reduce cost(s).

Take sunglasses. long sleeved shirt, ball cap, Dramamine and crappy (spare) sneakers as they tend to get bloodied...and a cooler to take home your catch.

Apologize...not an ice fishing thread but a sign the end is drawing near.

Tight lines...



 Arc itís fishing and nothing wrong with questions 👍

Thanks. Not a usual hard water topic but appreciate the info


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