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I thought my Vexilar FL-18 was a game changer and I was cheating 15yrs ago. I can mark fish but I don't know how many or what, then I get a camera to look down and watch the perch hit, also a game changer. Watched guys using livescopes this past week and was amazed at the accuracy and clarity. Good for you if can afford that I am jealous, but I am pretty sure I could clean up a small lake or pond in no time using this unit. I totally have mixed feelings as there is enough pressure on these smaller local lakes but to watch guys just crushing crappy 3x in the past week from the same area, all big spawners,  I can see these smaller lakes/ponds getting cleaned out. What happens when these units become affordable to the average fisherman?? Scary Technology

Jake...Frogger...compl etely agree.

I did manage to pick up an Aqua-Vu 715...which offers fairly good clarity but not as good as some others.

I've only used mine a half dozen times...and have never really crushed it - but I will say this.

Back in the day, I'd drop a line down the hole and fish all day and...nothing.  Often leaving the lake or pond thinking "there's nothing in here".

To my shock - nearly every time I drop a line down now and I'm using the Aqua-Vu - almost immediately there are 1 - 2 - 3 fish surrounding my bait and just hanging there suspended and "sniffing" the bait.  If nothing else, it's live entertainment...!

I'll also add that we have watched fish numerous times (actually - more often than not) come up to the bait...act non-interested...swim about...come back again and flair their gills and suck in the bait then spit it back out.  And it never translated to a "hit" on my jigging rods.  I've even seen fish grab a minnow by it's tail and that's it.  Like they were sipping from a straw.

So - this fisherman enjoys the entertainment value and watching the fish in their habitat and how they do (or don't) strike or take the bait.

...and that's just my 2 cents.


I also agree jake and frogger especially with crappie without those big spawners it hurt i fish crappie all year with granddaughters just because theres 3 people in the boat doesn't mean that you all have to get limits 25 is definitely enough grub for are family plus i just love watching the kids catching them at least there out in the outdoors common sense has to be apart of the outdoors just my 2cents

I can only speak for myself as I've had a livescope setup for 3 years now and yes it's a game changer. With that said it only helps locate the fish you still have to catch them and I've had times where I found fish just wouldn't eat. Also have spent hours chasing schools of crappie around a lake but they were so skittish you couldn't stay with them. So it's not like that one unit is the root of the problem in my opinion. Personally I only keep what I need for a meal or two and some days don't keep anything because I don't need it want to take any home I just want to be out fishing. If more people would just enjoy rather then being concerned about taking bucket loads of fish home there would need no need for concern. Just my thoughts

Someone using livescope can absolutely negatively impact numbers on any body of water if given the time and opportunity.

IMO and I hope this is not taken wrong. Most people who can afford a 2500 dollar Livescope aren't the same people taking buckets of fish.


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