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Michigan City locked back up. Bite has been slow there.  A few caught by the warm water in the Ditch

Probably in 2-3 weeks it will be starting to pick up

Don't wait for word of a hot bite - if you wait til you hear about it to go, there's a good chance you'll miss the best fishing

I would love to get on some fish up there.  I went once last year and didn't catch a thing.  I think I was a couple of weeks early.  A few guys had fish at the pier but no one I talked to inland had much luck.

This warmer weather coming next week after the precip will start kicking the fish into gear. 1st of march is a target date to start trying on a regular basis. For about a good 4-6 weeks of shore fishing

Anything going yet? I've only been out in a boat but I work in Valpo now and would like to do some after work trips somewhere. Any advice would be great.

couple weeks yet but its coming.


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