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If you get the opportunity stop in at Sleezís bait shop in Lake Staton and get the latest info. There should be some at Portage river walk and into the ditch. If any of the launches are not iced up you can troll shallow presentations from the Midwest Steel discharge to the mouth of the ditch. The USGS gauge located under the green bridge shows more flow and the level is up from before the last rain. You can find data from the past 3 hours on the web site. The water clarity will be poor as it always is. I have started as early as February 12 some years.

I know this is a ice fishing forum but I had to sneak that in. By the way the ice is holding around 6 inches in these parts of the northwest Indiana with some of the edges iffy. It wonít be much longer before open water.

Thanks for the info!

Do they charge to get into Portage River front now

I was there last week and have never been charged anything in years past either,so no for now.



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