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Any updates on Mosquito?

I'll be heading out to Mosquito in the AM and will report back. Hopefully with some fish pictures.

What area are you planning on fishing? Not sure where I want to start this year. Looking forward to reading your report.

Sorry for not reporting back sooner. I fished off of the Main St./cemetery access on the south end of the lake. Started in 10 FOW, then moved to 20', then to 15.' Caught about 30-40 dink perch, nothing worth keeping. They were everywhere, hitting as soon as I got my minnow down to the bottom. I moved mostly to try and get away from them to get on some crappie. I was planning on fishing until well after dark, but I ended up heading home at dusk so I missed that prime time.

Ice was a solid 7-8" but the snow cover made it a bit hard to move around.

I'm planning on heading out in a few days and will either try the north end near the buoy line, or further south closer to the dam. Will report back on that.

I fished south of 88 last week tons of those dink perch. I stopped using minnows and still caught them. Landed a 2 pound pike, was a fun fight compared to the perch


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