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wood man:
The islands are starting to get locked in..Lookin at the forecast, I might be fishin in a few days...Lets hope..

wood man:
Headed up to the island tomorrow morning.There starting to go out..Ice is 4-5 and stained..I will post when I get back..See ya on the ice....greg

Thanks for the update. We opted for a trip to Sturgeon Bay this year, but I still may try to get out on Erie as a DIY trip.

Hey Greg. Thanks for the update. Did you change your handle? Looking forward to hearing how you did and the ice conditions. Thanks again for your posts.

wood man:
Yea,I made a few changes ,but still fishin...So I got back this am. I fished sun eve and got1 keeper 5 or so.Mon was high wind so I waited till eve to walk out and get set up..No keepers mon.Tues walked out fishin was better and ended up with 3..I walked straight out from the ramp 500yrds or so..the water is still milkey but I think will clear up in a few days...Tues some guys were ridin out but im just not that brave..There was only 5" of ice..Goin back up next week and should be a good 8 or so by then..I way to old for that walkin crap...#5 rap in clown was the ticket for me...Later   greg


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