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Mille Lacs Sleeper Shack Recommendations


Hi, me and 3 buddies were thinking about doing an overnight trip to Mille Lacs this January.  We've never been, and there are so many options for sleeper shack rentals that I don't even know where to begin.  Does anyone have any recommendation for who to go with?


Lyback's on the south end and Nitti's are both good...but give them a a call first. There have been a lot of hourly changes as far as COVID preps are concerned. I think the prices have jumped, too.

I'm driving out end if January from CT.  Have to visir HQ for work for a couple days and figured Id fish Mille Lacs. Lyback's looked decent. 

Ive been trying to decide if an air bnb or hotel lakeside makes more sense.  Ill have 2 full days to fish and a couple night crapfs.


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