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Looking great for Illinois ice as the polar vortex will make its way deep into the country. The extended forecast should give us safe ice clear to march.....fingers cross!!!

It's definitely looking good. I'm just glad all the snow around here melted off/through the ice. Starting over from open water or skim is a lot better than a cold shot with snow covered, crappy ice.

I'm guessing we'll be solid enough to walk again locally by Saturday evening or Sunday, and in real good shape by the middle of next week.

*added 2/3 530am*

Everything that was open water is skinned back over now, so I'm pretty hopeful for an outing on Sunday with the Friday/Saturday forecast looking so good. 5 and calm here at 4am.

looking like an extended season this year.  ;D
ordered a new flasher yesterday since one of my old ones has to be sent in for repair
think i better get the heater out today and make sure it still works, gonna be a bit chilly next week

Ha. I always use the heat. I hate fishing with gloves on, and my hands get cold easy, so heat is a must for me. I'm ready to roll as soon as the ice firms up again.

Glad I loaded up on fuel last season. I still have about 5 quarts, so that should get me through the rest of the year. I can fish an entire day sunrise to sunset on a quart, and most days I only go for 3-4 hours.

Vortex shmortex. Cold air dropping in from the arctic, but suddenley we need special bling phrases.  ::)
Gonna chill down a bit here in the southern banana belt.

Saturday NightPartly cloudy, with a low around -15  Northwest wind 8 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph.

SundayMostly sunny and cold, with a high near -4. Northwest wind around 8 mph. Dangerpus windchills.

Sunday NightPartly cloudy, with a low around -14. West wind around 7 mph. Windchills of -38.


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