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New Old Guy:
Yo Guys & Gals

Wanted to have a dedicated thread for the Pond. This thread will be mostly dedicated to the Pond , but warning!
You may from time to tlme be privy to my latest nightmare, meandering short story or just plain gibberish.

Most of the time I will stay on point and post all things relative to the Pond. Your contributions to the party are welcome and together, hopefully we can maintain a fun informative thread related to the Pond.

I will start with a brief description of my day on the Pond. Accessed from the Wigwam this morning @ 7:00. Me and about 60 to 70 other guys and gals. Took a new direction out, toward the south end of the Pond. Never had much luck down at that end. Seems all them Oswego boys have it all mapped out.

Didnít have to cut many holes. Last nights temperatures only put a light skin coating on yesterdayís holes. Where I did cut a hole or two the ice thickness was a uniform 4-5 inches with a dusting of one inch of new fallen snow on top. Easy drag.

Wonít bore you with blow by blow description, but managed to coax 10 perch from their watery habitat. My opinion of this season's bite pattern so far is favorable. My summer walleye partner Perry T made it up from Spenserport as he ainít got no ice on Cranberry or Long Pond. Only saw him as he was walking up the ramp. Donít worry. He left most of our fish stock in place😀😀😀 Thatís all for now. Getting up to 40 degrees tomorrow. Although the ice looked good at all my holes, this warm up will take itís toll. Be safe out there and use that spud for more than a decoration.

Sounds awesome boggey. Nice day and a meal to boot. Canít wait to get on more hard water.
Tight lines

Hey New OId Guy your partner lives one town over from me and his local ponds are in my town your reports good reads as I wait for ice so I can get up to camp on Oneida....keep on top and keep the post coming I look forward to reading about your adventures

Nice job Bog. As always good yarn spinning. We went out Wednesday In between Seber and Blind... tough day one small pike and zero keeper perch. Alibi we werenít were I would have liked to get only 6-7 feet. So it was all good lots of conversation or bs. Thanks bud great post keep them coming.

Well I was out there also and managed 10 keeper perch but had to work for them,went out south o& the Wigwam lots of people out and moving trying to find the hone hole.4 to 5 inches where I was.


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