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I am in love I found this place!

Ok I usually fish pike under a tipup with golden shiners on a treble hook with weight above the hook 12 inches. I find the bottom and pull the line from the botton 12-24 inches.

Are there other techniques out there I may try?


There are tons of different techniques. I suggest you read up on some of the great articles at fish finder web site. Explore around the links and you will find more than enough info on pike fishing through the ice. I will have to get back to you on the exact names of some of the sites. Check in later. Good luck.

Here's a great pike thread

Hey BuckshotJon,
Check out the IceShanty Online Zine for JP's Northern Pike articles, he has some great tips for finding and catching big pike throught the ice.

Good Luck!

Thanks guys I will check those articles out.


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