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Rigging dead smelt on tip-up

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How do you guys rig dead smelt on tip-ups?? Caught several 7-8 inchers a week ago and threw them in the freezer for bait (can't stand eating them).

Thanks for the info,

:) Years ago we used to fish on Lake Michigan for spring Northerns with smelt. We used to run a small piece of wire through the smelts mouth and down the length to keep some shape. We then hooked the like a regular minnow. Had to test were on the back a little to balance them. I haven't fished with smelt for some time, I'm sure ideas have changed by now.  :'(  :'(

just hook them through the mouth and let them sit the pike will hit a dead bait

That's the way we used to fish em on the big lake. In the spring they get real aggresive, don't need much enticing. We used to fish in 3 or 4 feet of water. This was just as the ice was letting loose. Used to even take 2x6 boards with so we could get back on shore. Like I said I hvaen't fished on the bay late spring since I was a kid, but I know they still do. This is the only time's I've ever fished with smelt.  :'( :'(

this is clysdale from saskatchewan canada and I found a secret weapon on biggggg northern pike, Take 3 treble hooks large ones and string them together with a leader then follow with a leader going to your line, hers the best part go to your local super market and get some 5 to 6.5 inch mackeral fish(frozen) and put 1 treble hook through the lips , then the belly and then the tail , make sure its laying right. then leave it on a tip up 1 inch of the bottom. be sure to cut the fish in the belly before dropping it they love that stink.(remember to use some type of weight or it floats I use bell waits 6 inches up. let me Know who ever after trying this.


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