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Esocid lymphosarcoma

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Some fish have been found in upper Lake Champlain (NY/VT) with this condition. If you see this in your area, please contact your local DNR rep. This condition seems to appear more in the winter, so we ice fisherpeople need to keep an eye out. This is yet another reason we need to discourage the "bucket biologists" from illegally transporting fish to other waters.

Here is a link to the news release from this spring and some photos I have posted.

Esox   Used to catch pickerel from the merrimack that had tumors that look exactly like that - I thought it was from the pollution.  I understand that someone has been introducing pike into Quabbin Does it affect other fish?

I believe this one is just effects the Esox family (pike, pick's, muskie). So this might not be a problem there, but people putting fish where the don't belong is always a problem. That is how good fisheries are ruined.

I'm keeping a log book this year with every game fish I pull through the ice. This will include location, a digital pic, lenght, weight, girth, overall health of the fish, weather conditions (barometer, wind direction, etc) date and time. I'm working with someone from DNR and will be passing all of my esox fish familily information on to him in the spring, and them again in the fall.

So Flash....How's the job going? Did you start yet?



:'(  Way too gross!!! Tough to eat anything that ugly!

OK - i'll keep an eye out for that :'(


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