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I agree i could puke when i see some of the "sportsman like"conduct on the waters in this state i dont know how many of you travel but i believe that alot of people in the area have lost the respect for the game as well as others. this is obvious when you travel to the western states
so dont cut at the ramp and dont crowd me on the ice unless your gonna be friendly cuz rude people suck.........

so we all agreee that we need to chage limit sizes somethhing needs to be done

I could not possibly agree with ya'all more.  Why are gators considered junk and muskies considered a fish to be worshipped?  One grows a few more pounds bigger.  Big deal.  They both fight just as hard and deserve the same respect.  I've been writing letters to the WDNR for years.  It's rediculous that there are no slot limits imposed in this state, and every state.  EVERY species should be placed under a slot.  Bass, pike, perch, gills, everything.  No fish should be open to fishing during it's spawning season even lowely panfish.  The same people that complain that there are no fish are the same ones that keep 15" northern and rape lakes for days in a row when the gill's are on there beds and completely vulnerable.  I hate lazy people.  These people are lazy people.  


i believe that pike should be 30" and u could only keep on, i think people would be a mazed how much better the pike fishing would be and also how much bigger perch and stuff would grow. That's just  my opinion

Here in southern Wisconsin Northern Pike must be at least 26" long and the daily limit is 2 fish. There are a couple lakes in the area where the minimum length is 32" and only 1 fish per day is allowed. We have good numbers of under legal size snakes and it is not uncommon to catch one between 26 and 32 inches. It is a good day fishing to catch one larger than 32" but not uncommon to hear of someone catching one over 40" every now and then. I don't know with all the fine bones why anyone would keep one that is less than 30" long.


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