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I believe slot limits like most of the lakes in Ontario have is the answer. This keeps the main breeding sizes in the lake, helps thin the snakes & avoid overpopulation, and really sets the stage for some trophy aged pike. It's working up there and from what I've read this is the best system known out there and excepted by most biologist. Here in Wisconsin they make the mistake of size limits & qty limits by themselves. The problem with these size limits is that it usually leaves the smaller sizes go and harvests the prime breeding size, about 22" to 32". Lakes tend to get over populated with the young ones that need and eat alot, this stunts the growth of the population overall. I like the idea of allowing say 3 total (?) with only 1 over 32" and none between say 24" & 32". This seems to me the best way to harvest some really trophy Pike as well and maintaining a reasonable population!  :'( :'(

Now why would anyone keep a 15' northern you can get more meat off two  6 inch perch.
Here in vt they need to be 20'' and I still think thats too small to keep.
I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting an occasional
pike chowder.But lets use some common sense.
  The guy who had a pile of small fish on the ice trying to "weed out the little ones"
So if he kills all the small ones and keeps all the big ones "well duhhh"
Theres a darwin award for you..

here in mass. 1 , 28"

PErsonally i wouldnt keep any of them. I catch pike for the fight then i release ..PErch taste much better. The only time ive kept em Is if they have hit my lures to hard trolling or what ever and their gills get ripped Or something to that nature. LAst year I was ice fishing (jigging) for Perch and We had this Hole cut maybe 8 inches wide 7 feet long Outside the hut it was a great day. Anyhow These 2 guys come by and ask if they could fish our hole with us. We let them fish along side and wouldnt u know it i hook into this toothy Bugger thats about 10 pounds so i bring it up and this goof gaffs it WHile its almost at the surface. I was Ticked something alful . It was going to be let go. Point is we should All Teach those that are dinks to be More conscious fishermen. Thats my 2 cents


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