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 I would like to give our neighbors to the south a lil idea what they are in for coming to the great white north.You will experience the coldest days of your life ,I guarantee it.The weather is unpredictable and down right dangerous ! The driving conditions can be very dangerous. You will need winter clothes that may not be available in the USA.expect high winds that can freeze your skin in 2-3 minutes.Often the winds are very high on large open lakes that turn into white out conditions,visibility can be limited or zero at times.Your augers will need extensions because the ice can reach four feet plus in depth. An atv is a must ,especially after the winds/drifting. I'm not trying too scare anyone but the danger is real and you must do your research and be prepared for extreme conditions.

Let's be honest here if they're coming up ice fishing most likely they live in the northern states where the weather really isn't durastically different, they can get cold windy days as well. Also most of the best ice fishing clothing companies are based out of the states so I'm pretty sure they can get as good or better clothing than we can here.

harry, this is the second time Iíve read you saying how cold it is up there. What parts of the US are you trying to inform. Northern Minnesota and North Dakota the weather is just as brutal.

yeah i thought the warning was kinda funny and obviously made to deter people even tho he said it wasn't. Anyone spending the money to make that kind of trip is going to be prepared

Man it sounds like I should come down there so I can warm up.  Sounds downright balmy if you ask me. 


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