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I think you're thinkin' like a fisherman.    :thumbsup: :roflmao:

If you have a spare empty puck, maybe try a few spikes, soaked.    ;)2

And, that cod liver oil is sorta shhh. lol


--- Quote from: Idahogator on Jan 24, 2017, 07:00 PM ---........Something else I've found for some species, is capsules of cod liver oil; cut them open and CAREFULLY squeeze a little on the bait, jig or lure.    ;)2

--- End quote ---

We have been doing that for a few years, using salmon oil capsules, when fishing laketrout, pike, and whitefish.  Rather than cutting the capsule open, we just puncture the capsule with a needle, and squeeze the exact amount needed onto the lure.

In a hurry, the hook point works too, but the oil really comes out then.  Of course, even then it's not wasted if you just pop the capsule into your mouth and gulp it down.  Healthy fishin' !  ;)


I'll keep it under my hat

The tip about the oil that is not the actual oil, my hair is oily enough haha

If you eat meat, yer hair oil will reek of butyric acid.   Maybe shampoo has an attractant. lol


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