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Scent for Kokanee

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Well I tried the garlic oil scent, just dropped some in the puck and stirred it up, let sit overnight. It definitely made the spikes smell like the scent.  It didn't seem to be the wonder scent that made em fight to get on my hook but it didn't seem to scare them away either. Managed to catch a limit in 5 hours. I consider myself a beginner Kokanee fisher so a pro might've had better results.

It's a nice day when getting the limit happens.        :thumbsup:

I know this is almost a year old, but the Berkley Gulp maggots will soak up the  water soluble Pro Cure scents.  I pour out some of the Gulp liquid and pour the Pro cure into the bottle.   

I've had good luck with anise or anise shrimp or shrimp scent smelly jelly along with one or two pieces of white shoe peg corn on anything with a dropper chain like a perch talker, hali, or add one to a rattlin flyer or Sweedish Pimple. Gold, siver and pink have produced for me ever on a deadstick only jigging and always suspended in the water column. Zs


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