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Has anyone tried any kind of scent for Kokanee? We went salmon fishing this fall and used those superbaits that were full of tuna soaked in a bloody tuna/garlic scent and it worked quite well. I was thinking about putting some of that in the container of maggots.

If you feed those spikes, you just may have a crop of blue bottle flies in short order.    ;)2

Better to dunk them or inject with a hypodermic syringe with a sharps large enough to pass the thick bloody tuna stuff.     :whistle:

Good luck and do let us know the result.     :bow:

I was just thinking they're both salmon so maybe it's worth a try, those chinooks went nuts over it. The two lures that had the garlic mix were the only ones getting bit so we switched the tuna and let the same suoerbaits and then they got bit too.

Do I understand, you put it in the spike puck?

Something else I've found for some species, is capsules of cod liver oil; cut them open and CAREFULLY squeeze a little on the bait, jig or lure.    ;)2

Was thinking of just putting some in the puck hoping that they might get saturated in the scent or maybe it'd be better to just put a drop on the spike or the flasher before dropping it down the hole. I guess I might just be trying to re-invent the wheel. ;D


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