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Tips for Kokanee


Grendel Shooter:
So I have been fishing the local reservoir for kokanne when I have been trout fishing. I can catch the trout but not the kokannes. The water depth varies from 20-150 plus feet. I have marked kokanne I believe at 15-20 feet when fishing I think because my hole screen on my Striker 4 will be blotted out for about a 10 foot depth band. My rig consist of a silver #2 needlefish and a pink rat fink jig tipped with a salmon egg or wax worm. I am fishing my rods out of jawjakers and haven't had any luck so far. Also when I am on the bottom jigging for trout and they come through I reel up to them and try to catch'm on a Swedish pemple. Haven't caught the 1st one yet. Any advice on how to catch one would be greatly appreciated.


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