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Hit and Runs?????

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If you have one, use a SLAMMER.  I had the same experience last year, lost 3 on hit and runs.  Set up the Slammer and BANG!!  20" salmon.  Cut it open at home and it had 3 whole baits in its belly.  You may still miss a fish if the bait is not all the way in its mouth, but if he takes it good, the hook will be set.

sometimes when they are peeling off line i put slight pressure on the edge of the reel. i find they swallow the bait faster with less dropping of the bait. its like they think its trying to get away so they hurry and swallow it.

thats interesting cause all ive ever heard is that they drop it with some preassure ???

i'll stop the line on a run, that works for me.

Try small trebles.I use 18's and 20's.


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