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Hit and Runs?????

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I was out fishing an Adirondack Lake yesterday on Christmas Eve and I had no trouble getting my limit of lakers so then I switched to salmon. I had four salmon flags but they all resulted in hit and peel off 15 yards and leave me with a chewed up bait. My set up was a Noreaster Tip UP *lb fluorocarbon leader three feet under the ice with a size 8 gamagatzu octopus hook and a small lead split shot with a small icicle for bait. I was wondering if anyone knew why salmon like to hit and run and anything you can do to limit them from doing this.

Sounds like thay are feeling some pressure on the line. Are you using a bobber as  a depth marker??

no pressure on the line and i have the tip ups set with no drag and they are very sensitive i am wondering since the lake is full of smelt when they grab the icicle it doesnt taste familiar and they spit it out although i have caught them on icicles there before.

Its not because its not smelt...they are either feeling resistance, or are just zipping around in normal salmon fashion, slashing whatever bait they find. I think sometimes they just stun the minnows by grabbing them, and aren't particularly interested in eating them. They may just be having fun.

Try some lighter line 2# or 3#!!


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