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When to Set the Hook??

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big big rdg:
I am going to be targeting some broodstocked salmon this week in some lakes in Massachusetts. I know when fishing for trout in Maine, we let them take their first "initial run" then they ussually make another nad when they slow down is when we set the hook. Is it the same for the Salmon? Thanks!

Landlocks will usually be ripping of line when they take it, I set the hook immediately, as they are known to spit the bait after 30 feet of taking line. Be careful to not set the hook too hard, you'r rip it right out, or break the line even. Don't hesitate to set the hook.


I agree with Pasquatch. I usually set the hook immediately.

me too i don't really set as much just kinda stop it one the run.

I agree with 'iifishhii' - you can essentially let the salmon hook itself when its peeling off the line rather than chance jerking the hook while trying to really set-it.  Its brought me good fortune on a consistent basis.


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